Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Growth - Art

In New Growth, the faint, shadowy images of two plants are set against a stark white background. The plants barely show up against the canvas, their pale color almost imperceptible. This faintness is significant, for it is with this lack of color saturation that the painting makes an important statement about the nature of newly created and growing things. By nature, anything that has just been created needs time to take root and to grow to a sustainable level of strength. The faint color of the plants reveals their newness. They have just been crated and are therefore less vigorous as they try to plant their roots more strongly in the earth to gain sustenance and strength.

The shadowy plants are not the only things that must take time before they are strong enough to stand alone. This characteristic can also be seen in the offspring of animals and humans, newly created forms of government, social programs – basically anything that has been recently created. All of these new developments need to be nurtured and stimulated until the newness has worn off, and the entity has the power to sustain itself with a full measure of strength.

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