Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zion - Art

Zion is an abstract painting with a cool, calming color scheme. As the painting’s title suggests, the central focus of this piece is the concept of Zion, which refers to the land of Israel, including the capital Jerusalem. The longing for Zion, or a return to the homeland, is a central feature of the Jewish experience. Yet Zion has come to represent more than just the land of the Israelites. Zion has been adopted as a term for any long lost homeland, and it has been used frequently in reference to the experience of enslaved people dispersed across the diaspora who long for a return to either a physical homeland or a sense of identity.

The cool tones used in this peace are calming and peaceful. This soothing color scheme reflects the peace of mind that accompanies the return to the homeland. Only upon arrival in the familiar, much sought after homeland can the wanderer take his repose. The cool blue and purple tones are often associated with calm and relaxation, and these pastel shades evoke a calming response in viewers of Zion.

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