Friday, September 4, 2009

River Freeze - Art

In River Freeze, the power of a flowing river is captured with an almost child-like whimsy. The river in this painting actually folds up into itself, the mouth of the river opening into a field of blue with horizontal lines marking the separate folds of the river. This is a whimsical way of depicting the effects of a dam on a river. The river’s water collects in a lake, though it is, of course, a solid mass of water, unmarked by division because of the fluid nature of water.

Yet this painting depicts the river as folding up into itself as it becomes backed up. This is a creative way of looking at the damming of a river, and perhaps reveals more clearly the unnatural effects of a dammed river. The folding of the river certainly makes the river appear as if it has been severely disrupted, collapsing into itself like a car’s hood crumpling in a head-on collision. River Freeze is a simple piece that depicts the effects of disrupting a river’s natural flow.

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