Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nubian - Art

Nubian is a simple piece composed of broad strokes and a monochromatic color scheme. The Nubian race is considered by many to be the oldest human race in the world’s history. Emerging in northern Africa, particular in the area that is now called Sudan, the Nubian are an ancient race of people. The Nubian race is depicted in a simple, almost tribal symbol, which ultimately becomes a symbol of the emergence and subsequent dominance of the human race out of its origination in northern Africa.

The orange color of the abstract image featured in this painting is also suggestive of the nature of the creation of the human race. The color of fire, the orange shade in this piece reveals fire’s characteristic creative nature. Stars are born out of explosive fire, and so did planets cool from molten, fiery rock. By painting this abstract symbol of humanity in a fiery orange shade, the artist of Nubian points out that mankind owes its existence to the creative force of fire. In addition, as one of the oldest human races, the Nubians are closely linked to fire, its taming by mankind, and its overall importance to the continued existence of humans on this planet.

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