Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Known Communication - Art

Known Communication is a spare, minimalist piece in a monochromatic color scheme. The wispy, ethereal image depicted in this piece has a graceful, light appearance, as though it is floating through the air. The communication referred to in the painting’s title might be the sound of a spoken word, a wireless signal, an image from a television program – all of these things travel through their air to reach the eyes and ears of the recipient.

A hint at the nature of this communication lies in the image itself. To one side of the floating signal, the form of a musical note can be seen. This symbol indicates that the communication is music. As noted by the title, music is the most universal of messages, and the most likely to be “known” by its hearers. Known Communication reveals the universal music of nature, whether it travels from singer to audience across a concert hall or travels thousands of miles to a radio in some remote location.

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