Saturday, September 26, 2009

War Approaching - Art

A fine painting featuring three colors, War Approaching gives the viewer an unexpected impression of the glory and notoriety that exist alongside the death and destruction of war. The green leaves arching across the painting bring to mind the laurel leaves used to decorate the victors of war in ancient Roman society. These leaves were a symbol of honor and success, and the wearer was a privileged personage in Roman society, a recipient of praise and gifts. These green leaves show the promised spoils of the approaching war – victory and honor.

Though war is a noble pursuit with potentially positive results, no war can be fought without dangerous and deadly weapons. The weapons in this painting are represented by the rays of yellow that rise up from the edge of the piece. These rays glint yellow with light and heat – they represent the swords and rifles of the impending war. Here, under the laurels of victory, also reside the dangers of war.

©1998-2009 Claretta Taylor Webb. All Rights Reserved
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