Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wild Flowers - Art

Wild Flowers is a beautiful image of flowers growing in the wild, presented in an somewhat naturalistic artistic depiction. Set against a surprising beige background, the flowers rise up out of the earth, growing strong and tall with dark blooms reaching for the sky. Though the shape and form of the flowers is instantly recognizable, the image of the flowers has many unexpected features. For example, most of the color in the piece exists outside of the flowers’ petals. The stems are outlined with vibrant shades of green and teal, but the flowers themselves are a deep, charcoal gray. Though one might expect the flowers’ blooms to be the most colorful object in such a painting, the artist turns these expectations on their end, surprising the viewer and evoking an emotional response.

The fan-like shape of the flowers is also interesting. The flowers seem to unfurl toward the sky, as though they might be praying toward the heavens. The beige color of the background has warm overtones, and this gives the impression of sunlight and warm summer air. The sun’s rays beam down upon the flowers, warming the air and providing the plants with energy and life. In return, the flowers face the sky in reverence, praying to the life-giving force of the sun.

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