Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blocked Direction - Art

This piece has a very simple design in a single color. This monochromatic, abstract piece uses a vibrant shade of teal, which appears in broad strokes that create a freeform figure. This freeform design is the focus of the painting. The design has a sturdy appearance, its lines solid and broad. Yet the image seems to be blurred, as though the edges are dissipating and diffusing to the edges of the painting.

Teal is considered to be a color of relaxation. Indeed, this piece has a decidedly calming effect on the viewer. The solid freeform design, with its sharp angles and edges, can be thought of as one’s own stress and worry. Upon looking at this piece and allowing it to guide one into a state of relaxation and self-reflection, the viewer’s stress and worry begin to dissipate like the figure in the painting, no matter how solid and immovable the stress had seemed.

©1998-2009 Claretta Taylor Webb. All Rights Reserved
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