Friday, September 18, 2009

Holy - Art

In Holy, a vibrant color scheme and simple, elongated forms create an impression of nobility and elevation. The color scheme in this piece is particular significant, and the painting features an electrically bright lime green shade, as well as yellow and a rich purple shade. Green is a color typically associated with nature; yet the green shade used in this piece seems to glow almost unnaturally, as though it comes from some otherworldly source. The other striking color that appears in this painting is the rich royal purple that covers one side of the painting. A color associated with royalty, the purple section of the painting also supports this concept of elevation – of something quite out of the ordinary.

The three figures in the painting appear as elongated orbs, their shapes nondescript and very simple. Yet the shape of the figures themselves is not as crucial as the number of figures that appear. There are three shapes in all in this piece, making a clear reference to the Trinity of the Christian tradition. Together, these three shapes form a holy and powerful group, their strength increased by their number.

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