Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fire Runner - Art

Fire Runner is a dynamic, free-form painting. It captures the power of fire, and also its elemental simplicity. The primary colors of red and yellow were chosen not only to illustrate the heat of the fire, but also its nature as a basic and primeval element of the earth. Just as fire is a basic element upon which human comfort and sustenance are built, the colors red and yellow are primary colors, meaning that other colors are built out of them. By using these primary colors, the painting establishes fire’s importance to man as a central element from which all comforts are derived – heat, light, food, comfort. Fire is one of the first natural phenomena that primitive man ever pondered, and this painting continues in that ancient desire to explore its mystery.

The painting’s lines show the fire’s movement and energy. The lines of the fire are curved to show motion, and the white spaces between the colors represent the air that the fire burns to fuel itself. The fire fills the canvas and seems ready to leap out of its constraints, the way a fire would spread in its search for more fuel to consume. This painting powerfully evokes the basic characteristics of fire’s nature – its motion and desire to expand, its heat – with broad strokes and an energetic style. The feel of a burning, expanding fire is captured in the strong lines of this painting.

Overall, this painting gives the viewer a sense of immediacy. The fire is larger than life; it fills the page and seems ready to leap off. The danger and excitement of a fire is captured, especially its motion and its need for expansion. This painting draws the viewer into the ancient discourse between man and fire that is fueled by man’s fascination with fire’s destructive and expansive power.

©1998-2009 Claretta Taylor Webb. All Rights Reserved
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