Sunday, June 7, 2009

Asiatic - Art

Asiatic is a vibrant piece that captures the mystery and captivating power of flora from other regions of the world. The flower in the painting is a deep, alluring shade of red, and its shape is instantly recognizable as a flower, yet it does not seem to be a familiar specie of plant. Rather, this is an unusual type of flower, perhaps Asiatic in origin, as suggested by the title. The flower is beautiful and strange, drawing the viewer into a closer examination.

The flower is very beautiful, yet it has dangerous qualities as well. Below the beautiful crimson petals, the flower’s stem is covered in thorns. These thorns serve as a warning about the dangerous of the unknown. Though the flower is alluring, it has potential dangers that are inherent in its unfamiliarity. The nature of the unknown is skillfully evoked in this uncluttered portrait of a flower.

©1998-2009 Claretta Taylor Webb. All Rights Reserved
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