Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diamond Maze - Art

Diamond Maze is an uncluttered painting featuring a winding path, at the end of which is a diamond. The winding path ends in a coiled spiral at the center of the painting. Along the meandering lines that make up the maze mentioned in the painting’s title are simple shapes – circles and a diamond in shades of black and green. These objects along the maze are the “diamonds,” the valuables that are to be collected as the eye moves along the length of the line.

The color scheme of this piece includes black and green, as well as a predominantly gray background. The gray and black give the painting a colorless feel, which makes small objects that appear in vibrant green shade stand out as a focal point of the piece. Green is a significant color in this painting, because it is often associated with greed and money, as are diamonds. In this way, Diamond Maze provides an image of diamonds and their acquisition in a simple, visually affecting image.

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