Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dolphine - Art

Dolphine is a portrait of a swimming dolphin, which is a graceful sea creature that holds a great fascination for mankind. The dolphin in this piece is portrayed in a drab, monochromatic gray color scheme. This absence of vibrant colors focuses the viewer’s attention on the shape of the figure of the dolphin. The dolphin appears to be floating in the water, its body comprised of graceful curves and smooth lines.

The dolphin is a unique animal that has been of interest to mankind for centuries. A mammalian sea creature, the dolphin breathes air like a typical land mammal, yet it lives in the oceans. This dual nature is fascinating, and the dolphin is an animal that has been studied and depicted by mankind since its discovery. Dolphine is a visually beautiful piece that reflects a longstanding relationship between dolphins and humanity..

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