Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Awakening - Art

In Awakening, strong lines emanate from a focal object on one side of the painting. This object is shaped something like a jack-in-the-box springing out in a surprise outburst of energy. This surprise causes the awakening alluded to in the painting’s title. A sudden event, such as the springing forth of a jack-in-the-box, results in the far-reaching rays of awareness depicted by the lines shown to be originating from the figure in the painting.

The painting’s color scheme is important to note. This piece has a color scheme that is primarily dominated by a deep shade of purple. The color in this piece is tinged with darkness, an allusion to the potentially frightening and negative realizations that might accompany an awakening of this type. Yet the color itself remains beautiful, a royal purple indicating the dignified nature of this phenomenon, as well as its ennobling effect on human nature. By coming to a greater understanding through an awakening, a person begins to live a fuller, more enriched life.

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