Friday, June 5, 2009

Aqua Relaxation - Art

In Aqua Relaxation, the soothing qualities of water are captured in this monochromatic piece with very simple, elegant lines. The lines of this painting have gentle curves and a cool, teal color. The cool shade used for this color scheme evokes the ocean, its cooling waves apparent in the meandering lines of the figure in the painting. The teal color in this painting is typically associated with the cool, tranquil characteristics of water.

A human-like figure appears in the soft curves of the painting. This figure appears to be floating along in the water. This human shape is in a reclining position, lying atop the crest of the waves in a comfortably relaxed state.. Contemplating this figure brings about a soothing, tranquil feeling in the painting’s viewer. Aqua Relaxation, a piece that captures the calming effects of the water, is a simple piece with significant emotional impact.

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