Saturday, August 22, 2009

Left Lane - Art

This unique piece is quite rewarding upon close inspection. The colorful painting gives an abstracted image of an aerial view of a beach. The sand and water are easily discernible, and some structure -- probably a hotel -- near the beach. However, the painting does not depict a typical beach scene. The lines of the painting are quite rigid and straight. The waves of the water are uniform, illustrated only by straight lines. The angles of the painting’s rectangular structure are severe and sharp.

This painting perhaps depicts a type of homogenized vacation spot popular among many people today. Cruises, and pre-packaged adventure have taken the place of genuine exploration. Travel is no longer a way of educating oneself about the world, but is now a franchised experience for which all the rough edges have been smoothed and the dangerous curves sanded off into uniform right angles. This piece is a visually pleasing and brilliant commentary on the modern vacation.

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