Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flower Seeds - Art

Flower Seeds uses simple figures and a stark white background to examine the nature of the flower seed as it evolves into plant life. The seeds in this painting are portrayed as red and blue circles with whip-like tails emerging from one end. These whip-like structures represent the emerging plant life. The decision to portray these seeds in red and blue, unnatural colors for plant seeds, which are normally green, yellow, or brown, is an interesting one. Red and blue are primary colors, and the decision to portray these seeds in red and blue is a commentary on the fundamental, primal nature of seeds and their ability to produce life.

The stark white background used in this painting is also significant to note. Instead of placing these seeds in a brown background that represents the soil in which the seeds grow, as one might expect, the artist has chosen a bare, white background for this painting. The stark whiteness of the background indicates that before these seeds, life did not exist. These seeds bring life to a stark, sterile environment, reflecting the power of life to thrive even in hostile environments.

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