Sunday, August 9, 2009

Over Backwards - Art

In Over Backwards, an abstract, dark figure occupies the central position in the painting. The figure in the painting is very human-like in shape. Though it seems to be bent over in the painting, it appears to be a being who would likely stand erect under normal circumstances. This person seems to be bent “over backwards,” as indicated by the painting’s title. In fact, the painting’s figure is depicted in a very unnatural position, its body bent backwards, as though painfully contorted. The pain revealed by this figure’s position is an indicator of the personal strife and difficulty that can be the result of trying to hard to please someone – often referred to colloquially as “bending over backwards” for someone else’s benefit.

The figure is also quite dark, with gloomy colors that reveal the state of mind of the figure in the painting. These dark colors show the depression that can develop when a person is not true to himself, but rather chooses to conform to the ideals and expectations of others. This choice to obey the will of others is one of the greatest mistakes a person can make, for it is only by staying true to oneself that happiness can be found. Over Backwards is a revelatory painting that illustrates the importance of being true to one’s own wishes and most genuine personal desires.

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