Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monarch - Art

In Monarch, the traditional image of a monarch butterfly is abstracted and used as an inspiration for improvisation using simple, elegant lines. As the title indicates, this butterfly is no typical monarch butterfly. Just as consonants in the first syllable of the monarch’s name are inverted in the painting’s title, the image of the butterfly is mildly distorted in its shape. The butterfly’s shape is loose and abstract, its body extended unrealistically past its wings.
The beautiful red color of the butterfly in the painting is vibrant and warm. The warmth of the red butterfly captures the light and energy of the butterfly. This bright color is also an indicative representation of the colorful wings of a monarch butterfly. Yet the painting maintains its abstract qualities, as the butterfly is depicted in an unusual monochromatic color scheme, with no distinction in color being made between the butterfly’s wings and body. Monarch is a playful, abstract piece that gives a beautiful, unique portrayal of a butterfly admired across the world.

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