Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Visions - Art

New Visions is a vibrantly colorful, abstract piece that captures the essential experience of seeing things anew. The juxtaposition of the beautiful colors in this piece is significant. Shades of cool green are framed in blazing red, and an orange shade is edged in blue. The artist has placed complementary colors together in order to illustrate that the comparison of two opposites can often bring a new understanding of each thing or idea. By placing the cool shades right alongside their opposite warm colors, the vibrancy of each color is enhanced, and these colors seem fresher and more compelling.

Similarly, the juxtaposition of opposites in life can bring about a new understanding of individual items of comparison. A “foil” is the literary term for such an object that, when held up against its opposite, serves to highlight certain features and characteristics of its opposite. A better understanding of both the foil and its opposite is gained by the juxtaposition of the two. Writers have used this technique for centuries, from ancient myths to Shakespeare to contemporary literature. New Visions is the artistic equivalent of this longstanding literary tradition, juxtaposing color so that the viewer will have a better appreciation for each colors unique qualities and vibrancy.

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