Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fast Car

Light explodes, emerging from the darkness - alarming the senses. Speed befits a wavering blur of white while beads as orange nimble streams dance upwards in their efforts not to fade. Trails of white and deep fire exit the frame in an iridescent show of force. Motion demonstrates power that passes quickly. As hastily for the eye to recognize the light, it recedes to a faint twinkle of its former radiance. The sudden intrusion of machine juxtaposed against the serenity of darkness awakens desire in the body. 

The charge cannot be ignored -- the roar of the engine and the intrusion of light must be recognized. Turning to follow its stillness begs a return to the scene - the appearance of light and speed remains. A quest is promised in the fading tendrils of light. 

Click here to view: Fast Car

This is digital art. Oil Painting of 48" x 48" (121cm x 121cm) available for $12,500.00 © Taylor Pam 1998-2015, all rights (worldwide) reserved 

Created 2009

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