Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prehistoric Birth - Art

Prehistoric Birth is an imaginative piece that captures the intriguing quality of fossils, imbuing the image of a cold, stone fossil with warm color and life. Its shape borrowing from images of fossilized remains of prehistoric animals, the figure featured in this painting reveals an ancient creature during its moment of birth. The young creature appears to be emerging from the shell of an egg, its encasement broken and warped as the newly born creature struggles to escape.

The colors in this piece are beautiful and give life and energy to this image of an ancient fossil. The colors scheme is quite warm and indicative of life, a natural brown shade and a warm pinkish-peach flesh tone making up the image of the prehistoric animal. These warm colors make the creature’s existence seem immediate and real, the heat of the colors a reflection of the body heat of a living thing. Prehistoric Birth gives new life and energy to an ancient, prehistoric animal preserved in the fossil record.

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